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$1- per minute
(based on time used)
Electrolysis is the only proven permanant hair removal still today. Our electrologist offers a hair consultation designed for your specific concerns with permanent hair removal treatments. We offer both Thermolysis and Blend techniques. Call today for your free consultation.
$2.50 - per minute
Also known as "Spider Vein Removal" or "Vascular Blemishes". This procedure works fast by cauterizing the blood supply that nourishes veins that are surface. Sometimes caused by injury, the sun, pressure. Call for your consultation today.
Full Leg                   $50+
Half Leg                  $32+
Full Leg & Bikini    $63+
Back or Chest       $38+
Back & Chest            $61
Bikini                       $22+
Brazilian                  $55+ (trim $5+)
Underarm                $15+
Eyebrow                  $15+
Upper Lip or Chin   $10
Arm                          $30+


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